Topcoat Review Launches IPE Owner’s Site

IPE Book Scheduled for Release in August 2015

The long standing paint product and process site, Topcoat Review, has launched a new “member” site dedicated specifically to the topic of IPE deck finishing and maintenance.

A recent release from the site explains:

Due to the overwhelming response our ipe content has enjoyed on, the topic now occupies it’s own chunk of online real estate.

As the 400+ comments on our legendary 5 Things Not to Do article reflect, it has become a challenge for our readers to interact with each other and with us, in the comment section of the article. This has caused readers with immediate issues to scramble to find ways to directly contact us for advice on how to resolve ipe problems.



For efficient access to solutions, we have moved the topic to:

If you are a ipe deck owner (at any stage of ownership) in need of professional guidance, we invite you to join us there. We are building an unprecedented online resource specifically for owners and installers of ipe decks.

That said, we will keep the ipe articles on Topcoat Review open to the public, and the comment sections will continue to evolve as an open source, archived resource.

Our attention to the topic will be focused at the new site going forward.

We are developing new interactive resources to help ipe owners find the solutions and expert advice they seek, in the most efficient way.

Join us and other ipe enthusiasts at

Additionally, Scott Burt is polishing up a long awaited IPE Owner’s Manual series. The first volume, a knowledge base for new ipe decks and their owners, is expected to be released in August of 2015.

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  1. Charlene Oszuscik says:

    We just power washed our 1600 foot deck and applied Penofin. It looks great…………but is there anything we can put over it to maintain its beautiful appearance? We can’t be going through this every year! It’ll kill me!

    Thanks for your time.

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