Psychology of HVLP

Have no fear…

Psychology of HVLP

Brian Sedgeley of FestoolUSA using the Edge gun in training at Prep to Finish.

We have been running the Graco 9.5, our first HVLP, pretty hard in the shop and field for over three years. We also run HVLP systems by Apollo and Titan.

The 9.5 is the one we mobilize the most for miscellaneous cabinetry on projects requiring oil primer and oil based enamel paint. It is also entirely competent in latex primers and paints.

It continues to be a solid tool all the way around – turbine, gun and accessories. As a 5 stage turbine, it has enough power to generate good patterns in all types of product, and the Graco Edge gun is always stout.

The 9.5 and Edge gun combo is also very user friendly, which is why it is the HVLP that we use in our paint training program, Prep to Finish.

Because we use different HVLP systems in different ways, in order to play to their strengths, here are some reflections on why you should consider HVLP at all. [Continue reading…]