Festool RO90 Rotex Sander

Triple Threat?

Festool RO90 Review


NOT an “open box” review!

The Festool RO90 DX Rotex sander is one of the most innovative paint prep tools released in the past couple of years.

Aptly marketed as a “multi-mode” sander, the RO90 is capable of doing the jobs of more than one sander.

In tools, we all want the Holiest Grail – “the one that can do it all”. Or at least the one that can do the most in its class – whether it’s a brush, sprayer, a sander or a vacuum.

The RO90 wins “best in class” by default…there are no other sanders similar enough to it for comparison. The 90 gets innovation points for pioneering the class. It also contends for the title of broadest skill set, not only within the Festool brand, but perhaps in the sander category as a whole. Can we have a small sander that will strip exterior siding fast and then turn around and finish sand a cabinet face frame or piece of furniture, with equal quality and dust control across the sanding spectrum? [Continue Reading]