Scott Burt Fine Finish Video Kicks off New Instructional Series

Apply Stain Like a Pro…


Scott spraying…

In the summer of 2013, Prep to Finish partnered with Graco to launch a new instructional video series intended to break down and simplify finishing sequences for sprayed applications in both paint grade and stain/clear grade. Thanks to Graco’s interest in paint industry education, they are contributing significant technology resources to make this a very high quality effort.

The first video produced is a Scott Burt fine finish demo walking through the stages for completing a stain grade Shaker style desk, using a cordless handheld sprayer. Scott shares tips on prep, dye stain application, clear finish spraying, and general spray booth concepts.

We thank Graco for working with us to help get the word out about proper finishing basics.

Learn more about Scott Burt at Prep to Finish.