Sweeping with the Enemy

Because Dust Never Sleeps…


Scott’s guest blog at Healthy Home Dream Team.

Dust: that most insidious byproduct of home projects. Whether you are a do-it-yourself-er or you hire contractors, home projects, by nature, occupy the spaces our families live in. These can range from paint and carpentry makeovers to full-fledged remodeling projects.

Regardless of the scope or depth of your project, dust is a common theme. From demolition work and gutting rooms down – to raw framing and simply repainting a bedroom – protective measures are required by either yourself or the contractors who are working in your home.

In rough work where rooms are being torn apart, the air being released from the stud bays behind your wallboard is sickening. Trust me on this. My wife and I have carefully restored an 1894 Vermont farmhouse. Wall stud bay discoveries can be downright disturbing. To spare you the details, it is sufficient to say that no matter who is performing the demolition – whether it is hired out to remodeling contractors or undertaken by homeowners – necessary protective measures must be taken; regardless of the age of your home. [Continue Reading…]