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Rovers MagazineIn the 2018 Holiday Edition of Rovers Magazine, Scott shares tips with readers on the modern day pursuit of the emerging classic Land Rover Discovery…

For 13 lucky years my wife Stacie and I enjoyed life with our ’96 Discovery I. A local banker had owned it, maintained it through Vermont’s one dealership and left it stock. A set of BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A’s, Bilstein shocks and a stainless steel NRP gave it the right look and added capabilities. Our happy times with the Discovery outweighed the occasional frustrations. We drove it and created fond memories.

Driving a Discovery in winter snow is half the fun of owning one. However, we live in Vermont, which pickles its roads in salt every winter. The frame rusted beyond reasonable repair and the Discovery would no longer pass inspection. Regret lingered for only a few months when we began searching for its replacement. Quickly, we learned that we had caught the tail end of that generation of Discoverys and that a replacement would be challenging to find…

[Read this article in its entirety as it appeared in the 2018 holiday edition of Rovers Magazine.]


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